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3kW Zero Voltage Power Controller
3kW Zero Voltage Power Controller

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List Price: £34.12 (£40.94 inc VAT)
Our Price: £34.12 (40.94 inc VAT)

Product Code: BFM240-13

OPERATION: The BFM range of controllers operate on a burst fire principle, over a time period of aproximately one second, offering control of resistive loads such as hotplates, heating mantles, ovens, etc.

Unlike phase angle controllers the BFM generates virtually no RF interference and complies with European CE standards. Also, because the switching element is a triac there are no moving contacts and thus no arcing; they can therefore be used in some areas where conventional devices would be hazardous or unreliable.

INSTALLATION: The unit is a complete controller designed for through-panel mounting with connections via an industrial terminal block on the rear.

N.B. To prevent overheating, fix flush and tightly to the panel/heatsink  with an intermediate smear of heat transfer paste.
  • RMS max. on state current: 13A
  • Peak one cycle surge current: 150A
  • I2t for fusing: (t=10 ms) 110
  • RMS input voltage: 50/60Hz 240 (110)V
  • Repetitive peak voltage: 600V
  • Forward volts drop at max.current: 1.4V
  • Ambient operating temperature: -40 to +60ÂșC
  • Dimensions: 57H x 44W x 46D mm
  • Fixing hole diameter: 10mm
  • PANEL/HEATSINK RATING (at 35 deg C Amb.)
  • 1kW (4.0 Amps) 8 deg C/W (70 x 70 x 3mm Aluminium Panel)
  • 2kW (8.5 Amps) 4 deg C/W (100 x 100 x 3mm Aluminium Panel)
  • 3kW (13 Amps) 2 deg C/W (170 x 170 x 3mm Aluminium Panel)